Why work in Shipping?

80% of the world’s goods are moved by sea. As part of the shipping industry, you help make things move from A to B all over the world, and working in Monjasa, you are part of fuelling global trade.

Our industry can trace its roots several thousand years back. Since the beginning, we have seen shifts in what fuelled global trade, ranging from wind, to coal, and oil, and now the next generation of low-carbon fuels. But no matter the mode of propulsion, global trade has sustained its momentum, and so will Monjasa. We are here for the long run, living our values and purpose to propel the shipping industry.

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How do we get all onboard?

The All Onboard programme is a values-driven approach set out to cultivate our Monjasa culture and add transparency to how we operate internally.

The programme builds on fairness, inclusion, rewards, joint responsibility and being evolving, and more specifically, it outlines our approach to pay, benefits, career and well-being.

We want to constantly explore the right balance to ensure our colleagues’ greatest engagement and motivation. There are different moments that matter to us and we seek to support our colleagues who have different needs at different life stages.

For you who is caring for an ailing family member, a new parent for the first time, or is looking for the next steps in your career, we want to provide the right All Onboard offering and flexibility tailored for everyone in Monjasa.


We desire a transparent and fair pay structure as well as the process and conversations surrounding it. Our pay structure is linked to overall Group performance and how you as an individual live our values. At the same time, it is geared towards team performance. Because we like people to do well, but they should be doing well as part of a team.

Our approach to pay in Monjasa



We have carefully selected a group of benefits aimed at making your life a bit easier.

Some are global, some are local – but all will help you make your daily life run a bit smoother and make you able to focus on the things that really matter. Whether is it health insurance, catered lunches, a fully stocked fridge of beverages and snacks or a great dry-cleaning deal, we’ve got you covered.

Your benefits in Monjasa



Your career in Monjasa



With Smile and Joy as one of our core values, we care deeply about our colleagues’ well-being. To us, well-being is about being in tune with ourselves and connect with one another. Regardless of our life stages and career aspirations, we have a joint responsibility to cater for the right balance and culture, where we all can be our best selves, in life and work.

Your well-being in Monjasa


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