Pius Kiberu, IT Offshore Specialist in Panama City.

Finance + IT trainees

Interested in finance or IT? We regularly look for new trainees in both our finance and IT departments.

Finance Trainees

We offer Finance Trainees a unique opportunity to get to know Monjasa from behind the scenes. From the outset, you will be responsible for distinct parts of our cash flow while continuously expanding your area of responsibility in line with your capabilities and development.

You will be enrolled in a dedicated training programme with finance as your speciality. This programme provides you with theoretical knowledge of financial accounting and will, together with practical experience attained in all departments in Monjasa, procure you with the appropriate competencies needed to achieve success within Monjasa.


IT Supporter Trainees

Monjasa’s IT Department provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to the entire Group. Being an IT Supporter Trainee requires an international mind-set and the right motivation to always provide that extra service to your colleagues.

As an IT Supporter Trainee, you will spend most of your time gaining hands-on experience with IT supporter tasks. Meanwhile, you will be enrolled in the IT supporter programme focused on IT frontline support. Learning from our experienced specialists, this position provides you with a broad knowledge of various IT-related solutions.


Sounds good? 

If you are interested in becoming a Finance or IT Trainee, make sure to keep an eye out for open Finance or IT trainee positions on this site. Alternatively, sign up for our job agent to be notified of open positions. Make sure to choose Trainee under Job Category.