One of our MOST classes on a teambuilding event.

Trainee programmes at Monjasa

Our future builds on the people we bring in today

Our trainee programmes are a fantastic opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in your field of choice. At Monjasa, we offer trainee positions in three different areas.

Depending on your commitment and desires, we may offer you a full-time position after completing the trainee programme.

We currently have three types of trainee programmes. The Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainee programme (MOST) is a two-year education in the oil and shipping industries for future operators and traders.

We also offer trainee positions in our Finance or IT departments where we focus on internal education and gaining practical experience.

Open trainee positions

Every year in December, we open for applications to our MOST programme. Other trainee positions will be posted on a regular basis. Sign up for our job agent to stay in the loop on new job openings.