Frequently asked questions about the MOST programme

Do I need to have experience from the industry?

It is always an advantage to have work experience from the industry, but experience from other industries could be just as valuable. We also value life and travel experiences and study abroad can also be an important asset in shaping you for a career in Monjasa.


What qualifications do I need?

You typically hold a Bachelor’s degree combined with excellent English skills. Alternative background could be a college education (for instance, HHX or Higher Commercial Examination Programme in Denmark) or similar.

Your personal qualifications and your attitude towards performance in a corporate context are just as important. You consider yourself to be forthcoming, curious and persevering, and you reflect yourself in our core values of Respect, Ambition, Curiosity and Smile & Joy.


What is the salary as a part of the MOST programme?

It is a paid programme, meaning that our trainees receive a fixed monthly net-salary. In addition to this salary, all trainees are also offered accommodation in the rotation periods (2x3 months) abroad throughout the entire 2-year period plus a health and travel insurance package. Finally, travel costs for the rotations are also covered by us.


How many school periods are included and where do they take place?

The programme consists of three school periods with theoretical training. All school periods will take place in Denmark through the Danish Shipping Academy (The Commercial Shipping Programme) near Copenhagen. There will also be internal training in Monjasa’s office in Fredericia, Denmark in connection with the school periods. You will learn about project planning and innovation and will be working on your own innovation project throughout the trainee programme.


Can I apply for the MOST programme in any region?

You will naturally apply at your local Monjasa office, which will function as your home office during the two-year period. During rotation periods you will be visiting two of our offices around the world.


Who coordinates accommodation during my rotation periods?

As a part of the trainee package, Monjasa will cover accommodation for you in your rotation periods abroad and school periods. If relevant, your accommodation may be considered part of your total package during the stay in your home office.  


Do I need a work and residence permit for Denmark?

Yes, if you are a non-EU citizen. For non-EU citizens, Monjasa will provide you with professional assistance to obtain this, and we will help guide you through the entire process. For both non-EU and EU citizens, Monjasa will guide you regarding leaving your own country and getting registered in Denmark.


Will I be offered a permanent position at Monjasa after graduating?

A permanent job position is not a guaranteed part of the MOST programme. However, we expect all our trainees to graduate successfully as we make substantial investments in educating our trainees. Therefore, it is always our intention to have all graduates continue their careers with Monjasa. To give them the best possible learning opportunities, we will have an ongoing dialogue throughout the two-year period.

When recruiting for the MOST programme, we aim at hiring trainees that not only have the right qualifications, but also the right DNA that fit with our values.


What is expected of a trainee when graduating from the programme?

When graduating from the programme, we expect our trainees to have an in-depth knowledge of the oil and shipping industry and of our business. Therefore, we expect our trainees to be able to independently handle an area of responsibility within his/her area after graduating.


What is the deadline for applying to the trainee programme?

We open for applications to our trainee programme in December, and the deadline is stated within each location's job ad. This process might seem long. However, Monjasa has to take the application process for work and residence permit into account, a process that can take several months. We will make sure that all trainees are able to start up in August as planned.


How will COVID-19 affect the recruitment?

Monjasa prioritises a safe and healthy work environment, as well as the health and safety of our visitors. Depending on the ongoing situation with COVID-19 pandemic, we may conduct the recruitment and interviews virtually. This will mitigate the risk for both you as a candidate, as well Monjasa’s employees.  


How will COVID-19 affect the onboarding in Denmark, school and rotations?

Before we send any MOSTrainee abroad, we consult the management in our sister office and monitor the situation on the ground through various reliable information sources, before we evaluate whether to go ahead with the onboarding in Denmark, school and rotations.
The situation is of course dynamic, but we take the utmost precautions and ensure that each office also takes care of the MOSTrainee who is visiting.









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